Vol 1, No 2 (2003)

Table of Contents


Forward: There Are Still Plenty of Opportunities On the Boundaries Abstract PDF
Yijun Liu


Evaluation of Galerkin Singular Integrals for Anisotropic Elasticity: Displacement Equation Abstract PDF
L. J. Gray, A. Griffith, L. Johnson, P. A. Wawrzynek
Galerkin BEM with Direct Evaluation of Hypersingular Integrals Abstract PDF
Marc Bonnet, Massimo Guiggiani
The Green's Function BEM for Bimaterial Solids Applied to Edge Stress Concentration Problems Abstract PDF
M. Denda
A New Formulation for Solutions of Boundary Value Problems Using Domain-type Approximations and Local Integral Equations Abstract PDF
V. Sladek, J. Sladek
The Boundary Element Method and Path-independent Integrals in Sensitivity Analysis of Structures with Stress Concentration Abstract PDF
T. Burczynski, M. Habarta
BEM Solutions of Frequency Domain Gradient Elastodynamic 3-D Porblems Abstract PDF
D. Polyzos, K. G. Tsepoura, D. E. Beskos
An Improved Implementation of Time Domain Elastodynamic BIEM in 3D for Large Scale Problems and its Application to Ultrasonic NDE Abstract PDF
Hitoshi Yoshikawa, Naoshi Nishimura
Boundary Element Analysis of Reactive Mufflers and Packed Silencers with Catalyst Converters Abstract PDF
T. W. Wu, C. Y. R. Chen
Some New Three-Dimensional Green's Functions in Antisotropic Piezoelectric Bimaterials Abstract PDF
E. Pan
Simulation of 2D Elastic Bodies with Randomly Distributed Circular Inclusions Using the BEM Abstract PDF
Yao Zhenhan, Kong Fanzhong, Zheng Xiaoping
Fracture analysis of cracked thermopiezoelectric materials by BEM Abstract PDF
Qing-Hua Qin
An Advanced BEM for Thermal and Stress Analyses of Components with Thermal Barrier Coating Abstract PDF
Shan Lu, Menhong Dong
Continuum Models of Carbon Nanotube-Based Composites Using the Boundary Element Method Abstract PDF
Y.J. Liu, X.L. Chen