BEM Solutions of Frequency Domain Gradient Elastodynamic 3-D Porblems

D. Polyzos, K. G. Tsepoura, D. E. Beskos


A boundary element methodology is presented for the frequency domain elastodynamic analysis of three-dimensional solids characterized by a linear elastic material behavior coupled with microstructural effects taken into account with the aid of the simple gradient elastic theory of Aifantis. A variational statement is established to determine all possible classical and non-classical (due to gradient terms) boundary conditions of the general boundary value problem. The gradient frequency domain elastodynamic fundamental solution is explicitly derived and used to construct the boundary integral representation of the solution with the aid of a reciprocal integral identity. In addition to a boundary integral representation for the displacement, a boundary integral representation for its normal derivative is also necessary for the complete formulation of a well posed problem. All the kernels in the integral equations are explicitly provided. Surface quadratic quadrilateral boundary elements are employed and the discretization is restricted only to the boundary. The solution procedure is described in detail. A numerical example serves to illustrate the method and demonstrate its accuracy. The present version of the method does not provide explicit expressions for the computation of interior stresses.

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