Some Aspects of the BEM Research in China

Zhenhan Yao, Qinghua Du


In this paper, a short historical review of the BEM research in China is given first. The investigation on the BEM in China was started in 1978 at the Tsinghua University, based on the pioneering work published by Frank Rizzo [F. J. Rizzo, An integral equation approach to boundary value problems of classical elastostatics, Quart. Appl. Math., 25, 83-95 (1967)] and others. During the last 25 years, we have organized six national conferences on BEM, two international conferences and eight China-Japan/Japan-China symposia on BEM. The BEM investigations in the authors’ group at Tsinghua are briefly introduced next. Some representative investigations by other groups in Mainland China are also introduced. The related papers and other publications are listed in the References.

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