Early Development of the BEM at the University of Kentucky

David Shippy


I am very pleased to have this opportunity to honor Frank J. Rizzo, following his retirement, by contributing to this volume. My professional and close personal association with Frank for two decades was one of the great privileges and pleasures of my life. Our lives were closely entwined not only as teaching and research colleagues but also as good friends. During the course of our work together I developed an immense respect for FrankÂ’s vision, his creativity, his care in being clear, complete and accurate, and his understanding of the foundations of solid mechanics. In addition, he was adept in communicating with others, such as colleagues and students, had a great capacity for hard work, and showed a remarkable willingness to plow through some of the less pleasant aspects of research, such as writing proposals and reports.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14713/ejbe.v1i1.746

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