A DRBEM For Time-Dependent Infiltration from Periodic Irrigation Channels in a Homogeneous Soil

I. Solekhudin, K. C. Ang


In this paper, a problem involving time-dependent water flow in a homogeneous soil is considered. The problem involves water infiltration from periodic identical trapezoidal channels. A governing equation of the problem is the Richard’s equation, which can be studied more conveniently by transforming the equation to a Helmholtz equation using the Kirchhoff transformation with dimensionless variables and a Laplace’s transform. A dual reciprocity boundary element method (DRBEM) is employed to solve the Helmholtz equation numerically. Results obtained are found to be physically reasonable. 


Dual-reciprocity boundary element method; periodic identical irrigation channels; infiltration

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14713/ejbe.v11i1.1810

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