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Notes from the Library

Albert O. Hayes, Selman A. Waksman, William H. S. Demarest, Rudolf Kirk


"De Re Metallica" by Albert O. Hayes: On March 6, 1940, while Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoover were guests of President and Mrs. Clothier, they autographed for the Library a copy of their translation of the 1556 edition of Dc Re Metallica, by Georgius Agricola, the firstĀ  great work ever written on mining and metallurgy.

"Centenary of Soil Science" by Selman A. Waksman: 1940 marks the centenary of the publication of the first Report on the Geology of the State of New Jersey, under the title "Description of the Geology of the State of New Jersey, Being a Final Report," by Henry D. Rogers, State Geologist, and Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at the University of Pennsylvania.

"Deed of Hendrick Rutgers" by W. H. S. Demarest.

"The Bucket" by Rudolf Kirk. A poem by Samuel Woodworth (1784-1842).

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