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Artists' Riffs on Suellen Glashausser

Judith Krall-Russo, Debra Rapoport, Lore Lindenfeld, Debra Weier, Karen Guancione, Pamela Scheinman


Artists' Riffs draws on presentations made at the opening of Suellen Glashausser and Her Circles. Judith Krall-Russo, a Highland Park neighbor and co-participant in a local women artists' group, discusses her artistic debt to Suellen Glashausser and the sometimes-exacting nature of their friendship. Like Krall-Russo, Debra Rapoport, a New York based artist, attends to her relationship with Glashausser as mediated by their interest in food, in gleaning pieces of "everyday life" and art: "assembling, building, and collecting." Lore Lindenfeld, pays homage to It Is Our Pleasure to Serve You. Another of Glashausser's more canonical works, Topaz Man, forms the main topic in an essay by Debra Weier, a painter and book artist. Karen Guancione reflects on moments of surprised recognition that have occurred for her after Glashausser's death. Pamela Scheinman, artist, writer, scholar, and instructor at Montclair State University, traces echoes in theme, material, and technique between Glashausser's artists' books and her paintings, sculptures, and installations.

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